“...the proposed design seem an excellent additionto the area...”
J. Carter Brown, Chairman, The Commission of Fine Arts

“All this, if it comes off anywhere near aswell as it was conceived, would make a mostpleasant environment...”
Article on Fort Lincoln Town Center, By Wolf Von Eckardt,Architectural writer/critic, The Washington Post

“Thanks for designing such a great space. It looks great!!!... Thanks...”
Tricia Goodwin,VP, NVR Mortgage, Gainsville VA

“I would like to thank you for job welldone. We have successfully completed project that has made client extremely happy. I congratulate you... Thanks...”
Kwafo Djan, Project Manager, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), Ashburn VA

“We appreciate your efforts in taking production fromscratch, plan every stage of its development to nowwhat appears to be a monumental structure. We have been especially impressed by your immaginations, attention to details, concern and dedication for the successful completion...reduced construction cost approximately 18%.”
SIVNAM Enterprises - Dr. Inder Chawla